Update in V6.11

  1. Decentralization works

    In the past, SGX Data and Bursa data are intertwined through a connection link and users face risks of server outage when either side’s connection is disrupted.

    We have decentralized both the servers and users would see better performance from the direct connection.

  2. Ownership and Intrinsic Value Analysis

    Ownership Feature - We have added ownership data for all companies. This comprises of the Top 20 Shareholders of each company.

    Intrinsic Value tool - Find out a stock’s intrinsic value using 3 different valuation models provided: Discounted earnings, Discounted cash flow and Gordon growth. We also leverage on the comprehensive fundamental database in ShareInvestor to pre-fill some of the parameters for these models.

  3. New Data Fields

    In a bid to display more comprehensive market info, we have added 4 new data fields:

    1. Short sell volume and value (known as IDSS inside SI Station)
    2. Top Shariah channel and
    3. New Bursa Derivative Option – OPOL (under BURSA DT).
  4. Water-mark for Dynamic Chart

    Users can now add a custom watermark to protect your intellectual property under the tab ‘Options’ -> ‘Appearance’.

Update in V6.10

  1. Built-in Market Screener with Customisable Scan

    We have integrated the customisable Market Screener (FA & TA) into ShareInvestor Station. It incorporates the capability of using formula from Dynamic Chart to perform customised scans. We also incorporates scan support by portfolio and export/print of market scanner results.

  2. Chromium Browser for Company Financials Pages

    The Chromium browser is embedded into ShareInvestor Station to provide a better user experience for web-based pages such as Factsheet, Financials etc.

  3. Customisable Loading of Preferred Markets and Lot Size

    With the flexibility of loading your preferred markets, you can cut down on your navigation time. Displayed lot size is now customisable as well.

  4. New Drawing Tool in Dynamic Chart: Symmetrical triangle

    With the symmetrical triangle drawing tool, users can now identify symmetrical/asymmetrical triangle stock trends easily, which allows fast yet accurate trading decisions to be made.

  5. New Mini Chart in portfolio

    We have added intraday mini chart column to display the daily trend of stocks in portfolio. The unrealized\realized proceeds in transaction groups can also assist you to calculate the profits of transaction.

  6. Ownship and Intrinsic Value Analysis

    We have added new Ownership and Intrinsic Value Analysis function in Station to allow user to analysis a stock’s Ownership and Intrinsic Value easily.

Update in V6.9

  1. New End-of-Day(EOD) Markets

    6 new EOD markets are now available in Station. This covers 3 US markets (NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX), Hong Kong Exchange, Stock Exchange of Thailand and Indonesia Stock Exchange.

  2. Support News Alert for SGXNews Announcements

    Our news alert system now also supports alerts by SGXNews announcements. Never miss out on any announcements again.

  3. New Chart Duration and Views

    3 months and 6 months chart views is now available in Dynamic TA Chart. This allows you to plot chart based on quarterly or half yearly candlestick. 5 and 10 years duration selections are added. This allows a quick zoom-in to your preferred chart range.

  4. Track Latest Lots Change in Market Depth

    We have improved the Market Depth to show the latest queue changes. This allows you to identify huge volume removal and addition at any queue level at a glance.

  5. Templates Saving in DDE

    Having trouble to export different columns layout via DDE? With templates enabled in DDE, you can now save and load different templates when exporting data via DDE with ease.

  6. Add Stocks to Portfolio from Market Ticker

    Spot an interesting stock in Market Ticker? You can choose and add the stock into your portfolio from Market Ticker directly.

Update in V6.8

  1. Support Transactions on Chart

    With the Transactions on Chart feature, you can overlay all the transactions of the counter from various portfolios on the top of the chart. This allows you to track your transactions and monitor your trade activities.

  2. Support Company Buyback Information

    We extracted all the company buyback from Insider Trades and group them into a separate section. This offers you a clearer picture on the buyback trends.

  3. News Alert for Bursa LINK News

    Additional news source, Bursa LINK, is enabled for those who wish to be alerted on happenings related to the Bursa counters.

  4. Support new tag “CP” for ETF close price

    The ETF close price is now shown in the Time & Sales using a new tag “CP”.

  5. Increase number of alerts to be set to 160 for Station users

Updates in V6.7

  1. Revamped of Malaysia Fundamental pages

    With the launch of the Malaysia Market support, the following pages are revamped to bring them in line with changes made to shareinvestor.com

    • Factsheet, Financials, Insider Trades, Dividend Analysis, Stock Events.
    • Historical Price Data, Price Download
    • 10 Days' Time & Sales, TSM and Quote Movements
  2. Transaction support

    Malaysia brokers adopt a different commission calculation from Singapore. We now support automated calculation of commission through the "Brokers" tab. You can setup a new Malaysia broker which will use its own formula for calculation of commission.

  3. Portfolio reporting currency

    In order to accurately calculate the profit and loss in your portfolio, you have to fix the reporting currency for each portfolio. You can choose either SGD or MYR as the reporting currency. Do note that once chosen, the reporting currency for that portfolio cannot be changed. For new portfolio, you will be asked to choose the reporting currency when you create the portfolio. For all existing portfolios, the reporting currency will be fixed as SGD.

  4. Transaction grouping in Portfolio

    With the introduction of transaction grouping, you can now classify your transactions into groups.

  5. Introduction of Bursa related news

    With the addition of the Bursa market in ShareInvestor, we have added two news sources: ShareInvestor Express Malaysia and Bursa Link announcements.

Updates in V6.6

  1. Support Consensus Estimates

    Ever wonder whether you should buy, sell or hold onto your shares? Use ShareInvestor's Consensus Estimates, to research and gain valuable insight towards your decision making. Find out the consensus recommendation and target price from research analysts before you take action.

  2. Support Fibonacci Time Projection tool

    With the addition of Fibonacci Time Projection drawing tool to the Fibonacci studies series, you can now make better judgement on forecasting the next price movement.

  3. Enhance Trade Summary Chart

    Want to know what is the volume distribution on each traded price? With the enhance Trade Summary Chart, at each traded price, each transaction is classified by value and colour coded. This allows you to identify what is the price level where significant trades are transacted.

  4. Enhance formula scripting to easily combine indicators

    Having difficulties trying to script and combine indicators together? With the new improve functionality; you can now combine them with ease.

  5. New trade statistic information in Market Depth

    Additional statistic information showing the today's change, high and low price is available. These figures are color-coded based on yesterday's close price.

Updates in V6.5

  1. Support news alert by Portfolio

    Tired of setting up the News Alert for all counters in your portfolio one-by-one? With this feature, you will be kept updated with the latest news pertaining to your counter of interest.

  2. Enhance triggered alert pop-up with toolbar to open stock related information

    With the enhanced alert pop-up, you can have fast access to stock related information such as Time & Sales, Dynamic TA Chart etc. when an alert is triggered.

  3. Support saving multiple templates for drawing objects

    Different templates for drawing objects can now be saved. Fibonacci users can save a range of templates with different Fibonacci ratios for their technical analysis.

  4. Support new channels (Gap Up and Gap Down)

    Be the first to identify counters that break out using the new channels: Gap Up and Gap Down.

Updates in V6.4

  1. Support adding counter to watchlist and alert from Dynamic TA Chart

    Having identified a good counter after doing your Technical Analysis, you can now make use of the new toolbar available to add the counter to your portfolio or alerts from the Dynamic TA Chart.

  2. New and updated drawing tool

    2 new drawing tools (ellipse and line statistic) are added. Parallel drawing tool is also enhanced to allow more flexibility.

Updates in V6.3

  1. View breakdown of consolidated trades in Time & Sales

    You can now view the breakdown of consolidated trades in the Time & Sales. For example, if there is a 1000 lots buy up, you can now see how many sell orders make up that 1000 lots.

  2. Support buy/sell signal to be plotted on Dynamic TA chart

    Buy or sell signals can now be plotted onto the Dynamic TA chart. Certain indicators are pre-set with the conditions but you will be allowed to defined your own buy/sell conditions for the signals to be plotted when the conditions are met.

  3. Support sorting of alerts

    Alerts can now be sorted and saved. This allows you to group your alerts like the way the watchlists’ counters can be arranged.

  4. Scan for Beta using FA scanner

    2 new conditions are added to allow you to scan for counters meeting 75 or 500 days Beta.

Updates in V6.2

  1. Revamped the following pages to bring them in line with the changes made to shareinvestor.com

    • Factsheet, Financials, Insider Trades, Annual Reports, Stock Events.
    • Historical Price Data, Price Download
    • 10 Days' Time & Sales, TSM and Quote Movements
  2. Portfolio Related News

    An aggregation of the latest news, forum postings, corporate actions and insider trades for stocks in your portfolio is now available.

  3. Import/Export of TA formulas

    Customized TA formulas in Dynamic TA Chart can be imported and exported to facilitate the sharing of indicators with your friends.

  4. Time-range alert

    For all stock alerts, you can now specify the time range when the alert should be activated. This is useful for buy/sell alerts which you may only want to activate during specific periods during the day.

  5. Support for the new Market Orders in SGX Reach.

Updates in V6.1

  1. Hollow Solid Candlestick Chart Style

    This candlestick style compares previous day close to current day close (Green/Red) and current day open to current day close (Hollow/Solid).

  2. New Drawing Tool : Price Zone

    The Price Zone is an auto drawn Fibonacci Retracement with reference to the current view High and Low Price.

  3. Enhancement to Fibonacci Drawing Tools

    Users can now customize the color of individual lines of Fibonacci objects.

  4. Enhancement to Market Depth

    Additional static information showing the total buy/sell volume and the average buy/sell price is available.

  5. Enhancement to Times & Sales

    Additional statistic information showing the today's change, high and low price is available. These figures are color-coded based on yesterday's close price.

  6. Merging Pre-Trade price into Dynamic TA Charts (Intraday)

    Users can now have the option to merge pre-trade price into the trading period when plotting chart in intraday mode.

Updates in V6.0

  1. TA Formula Editor

    The TA formula editor in Dynamic TA Charts allows users to edit or create their own sets of indicators.

  2. Enhancement to Market Depth

    Users can now differentiate the changes in the queue by observing the color changes. Prices are colored to compare to the yesterday close price for quick monitoring. During pre-session, the pre-session price is highlighted.

  3. Customizable Intraday Market Ticker

    Market Ticker criterions can be customized to suit different style of monitoring the whole market at a glance.

  4. Saving layout template

    Users can save their Station Layout on the server and retrieve the layout.