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Miscellaneous Setting

Options Settings - Miscellaneous Setting

The Miscellaneous Setting allows user to customize the following:

Miscellaneous Setting
Settings Description
Portfolio Summary Bar Calculation Allow user to set the calculation for gain/loss on the summary bar.
Add New Counter to Watchlist Allow user to insert new counter as first or last entry of the watchlist
Include assumed commission when calculating Unrealized profit/lost. Allow user to include/exclude commission when calculating unrealized profit/loss
Time & Sales
Open window Independently Open window independently or inside Chart Frame
Show summary bar Show percentage buy/sell and volume weighted average price
Show statistic summary Show Change/High/Low of price
Enable background color Provide different look-and-feel
Market Depth
Default depth level Set default view level of market depth
Show buy sell summary Show buy/sell percentage and strength of queue
Compact mode Alternative view mode of market depth
Show statistic summary Show total buy/sell volume and average buy/sell price
Enable background color Provide different look-and-feel
Market Ticker
Significant Value (k) Single transaction greater than the value specified
Significant Volume (lots) Single transaction greater than the lots specified
Minimum Price Minimum price to filter out penny stocks
Enable user specific storage Allow user to save templates or layout files to Application Data Folder if you do not have Administrator Privileges.
Enable template synchronization Allow user to synchronize the local chart customization with server
Factsheet tabs
Load each tab sequentially To load all factsheet tabs sequentially
Load each tab upon request To load each factsheet tab upon request