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TA Market Screener

TA Market Screener

TA Market Screener provides stock screening, pattern matching and analysis based on pre-selected filters. This feature allows the ability to scan all SGX stocks based on selected technical criteria. Benefits include:

  • Be the first to spot price-moving trends (Currently, the scan is done daily based on yesterday's closing prices).
  • More than 45 scan criterias are available - You can choose from more than 45 pre-built scan templates and analyse stocks that fit the scan criteria.

Our filters includes:

  • Accumulation Distribution: Bearish Accumulation Distribution
  • Accumulation Distribution: Bullish Accumulation Distribution
  • Bollinger Band: Bearish Upper Bollinger Band Resistance
  • Bollinger Band: Bullish Lower Bollinger Band Support
  • Bollinger Band: High Above Upper Bollinger Band
  • Bollinger Band: Low Below Lower Bollinger Band
  • CCI: Bearish CCI Overbought And Reversing
  • CCI: Bullish CCI Oversold And Reversing
  • Candlestick: 3 Black Crows
  • Candlestick: 3 White Soldiers
  • Candlestick: Bearish Abandoned Baby
  • Candlestick: Bearish Engulfing
  • Candlestick: Bearish Harami Cross
  • Candlestick: Bearish Kicking
  • Candlestick: Bullish Abandoned Baby
  • Candlestick: Bullish Engulfing
  • Candlestick: Bullish Harami Cross
  • Candlestick: Bullish Kicking
  • Candlestick: Dark Cloud Cover
  • Candlestick: Evening Doji Star
  • Candlestick: Hanging Man
  • Candlestick: Inverted Hammer
  • Candlestick: Morning Doji Star
  • Candlestick: Piercing
  • Candlestick: Shooting Star
  • Chaikins Volatility: Decreasing Chaikins Volatility
  • Chaikins Volatility: Increasing Chaikins Volatility
  • DM: Bearish Directional Movement
  • DM: Bullish Directional Movement
  • Donchian Channels: High Above Upper Donchian Channels
  • Historical Volatility: Decreasing Historical Volatility
  • Historical Volatility: Increasing Historical Volatility
  • MA: Bearish Price Crossover
  • MA: Bullish Price Crossover
  • MA: Long Term Bearish Moving Average Crossover
  • MA: Long Term Bullish Moving Average Crossover
  • MA: Medium Term Bearish Moving Average Crossover
  • MA: Medium Term Bullish Moving Average Crossover
  • MA: Short Term Bearish Moving Average Crossover
  • MA: Short Term Bullish Moving Average Crossover
  • MACD: Bearish MACD Divergence
  • MACD: Bearish MACD Crossover
  • MACD: Bullish MACD Crossover
  • MACD: Bullish MACD Divergence
  • MACD: Overbought
  • MACD: Oversold
  • OBV: Bearish On Balance Volume
  • OBV: Bullish On Balance Volume
  • Parabolic SAR: Bearish Parabolic SAR Reversal
  • Parabolic SAR: Bullish Parabolic SAR Reversal
  • Price: Consecutive Days Gains
  • Price: Consecutive Days Loss
  • Price: New 52 Week High
  • Price: New 52 Week Low
  • RSI: RSI Overbought
  • RSI: RSI Oversold
  • RSI: Short Term RSI Bearish Crossover
  • RSI: Short Term RSI Bullish Crossover
  • Stochastic: Fast Stochastic Buy Signal
  • Stochastic: Fast Stochastic Sell Signal
  • Volume: Consecutive Days Of Decreasing Average Volume
  • Volume: Consecutive Days Of Increasing Average Volume
  • Volume: Volume Spike
  • Williams %R: Bearish Williams %R
  • Williams %R: Bullish Williams %R

Now you can stay on top of trends, reversals and break-outs with our TA Market Scanner.