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Prices - Time & Sales

Time & Sales shows the individual trade done in chronological order with a time stamp for each transaction. The latest transaction is shown first. It also keeps a cumulative volume for the entire trading day.

The Time & Sales is useful to track the price movement of a counter. Transaction with substantial volume is highlighted to show institutional activities that may affect the future price trend of the counter. Counters with continued transactions in the Time & Sales and substantial buy-up volume may indicate further upside for the stock.

Unique features of Time & Sales:

  • Data is real-time streaming.
  • Trades are classified into "Buy Up" or "Sell Down", using a proprietary algorithm developed by ShareInvestor. This algorithm can also differentiate between "Married Deals" and "Pre-Open/Adjust/Pre-Close" trades.
  • For quick analysis, trades are colour-coded to identify trades done at a different price from the previous trade. Significant trades can be customized and highlighted to allow you to quickly spot big trades.
  • Exporting to CSV file and printing are enabled.
  • A percentage comparison to the number of Buy-Up to Sell-Down and the Volume Weighted Average Price are provided.
  • Current day change, high price and low price are provided.
  • Consolidated trades are broken down to show the individual trade orders.