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Stock Prices

Prices - Stock Prices

The Stock Prices in ShareInvestor Station are real-timed streaming. Changes to the stock prices will be highlighted to capture your attention and show you where the action is in the market.

To access to more detail information about an individual counter, right click on the desired counter to open the Stock Database Menu or click on the icons in the Stock Database Toolbar.

The Stock Database menu includes the following items:

  • Factsheet
  • Financials
  • Insider Trades
  • Annual Reports
  • Stock Events
  • Historical Price Data
  • Add counter to Watchlist
  • Add counter to Alert
  • Price Spread Calculator
  • Time & Sales
  • Trade Summary Matrix
  • Intraday Charts
  • Volume Distribution Charts
  • Quote Movements
  • Market Depth
  • Power Frame
  • Dynamic TA Charts
  • Tick Charts
  • Price Download
  • Time & Sales [10 days]
  • Trade Summary Matrix [10 days]
  • Volume Distribution Charts [10 days]
  • Quote Movements [10 days]
  • SI Express News
  • Web links to SGX Research Reports
  • Web links to Listed Company Profile
  • Web links to SGX Announcements
  • Web links to Email Alerts
  • Web links to Forum Discussion
  • Web links to Google Search