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Stock Prices

Stock Prices

The Stock Prices page shows a list of live stock prices either in alphabetical order, stock ranking or industry categories. The latest stock prices are streamed directly to your browser, all without the use of Java or Flash plug-ins in your browser. Changes to the stock prices will be highlighted to capture your attention and show you where the action is in the market.

You can filter the selection to view the stocks that fits your investment needs. At one glance you will be able to see whether stocks are performing well for the view of Stock Prices you have selected.

Navigating through the stock prices is simple with easily accessible links to more detail information about individual stock with just a click of the mouse.

Different ways to slice and dice the information

ShareInvestor provides multiple ways for you to access the information in the form of different column layout.

  • Trading Data

    In Trading Data view, the latest stock prices are streamed directly to you.

  • Fundamental

    In Fundamental view, get access to the data like PE, Price/NAV, Market Cap, 52 Weeks High/Low and more.

  • Historical

    In Historical view, track the historical changes of the different stocks.

  • Ratios

    Under Ratios view, check the EPS, NAV, ROA, ROE, Net Earnings Margin, Current Ratio and more.

  • Trailing PE

    Trailing PE is a PE ratio calculated by ShareInvestor using the earnings from the latest four consecutive quarters. This will much better reflect the earnings of the company. Trailing PE views shows you the ratio across all the different stocks.

  • Beta/CAGR

    CAGR is a popular way to measure the growth rates of a company and use it to compare against other companies. CAGR rates of 4 financial metrics (Revenue, Net Earnings, EPS and DPS) over has been added for an overview of the health of listed companies.

ShareInvestor organises the stocks into different categories

We understand that the official SGX categories are sometimes too broad to be meaningful. Other than just using the categories provided by SGX, we also do our own organisation. We classify the categories as follows

  • By Country - China, India, ADRs etc
  • By Industry - Recycling, Oil & Gas, Education, Water, Banking and Finance, Commodities, Education, Hard Disk, IT, Medical, REITs etc
  • Special Classification - SGX Watch-List, ETF, CLOB

Pick the best fundamental stock

There are lots of ways to pick a stock using fundamental data. ShareInvestor gives you a number of channels to choose from.

  • Lowest Price Earning Ratio(PER)
  • Highest Dividend Yield
  • Highest Discount To NAV
  • Highest Discount to Cash Value
  • Highest Dividend Payout
  • Smallest Market Cap
  • Largest Market Cap
  • Stocks Hitting New 52 Weeks Lows
  • Stocks Hitting New 52 Weeks Highs
  • Highest Return On Assets(ROA)
  • Highest Return On Equity(ROE)
  • Highest Earnings Margin
  • Highest Revenue Growth
  • Lowest Debt To Equity Ratio
  • Highest Debt To Equity Ratio
  • Significant Insider Sales
  • Significant Insider Purchases
  • Warrants With Highest Gearing
  • Warrants With Lowest Premium
  • Warrants Expiring Soon
  • Cheapest Warrants
  • Lowest Long Term Beta
  • Highest Long Term Beta
  • Lowest Short Term Beta
  • Highest Short Term Beta
  • Highest Revenue CAGR (3 Years)
  • Highest Revenue CAGR (5 Years)
  • Highest Earnings CAGR (3 Years)
  • Highest Earnings CAGR (5 Years)
  • Highest DPS CAGR (3 Years)
  • Highest DPS CAGR (5 Years)
  • Best % Change
  • Worst % Change
  • Best Absolute Change
  • Worst Absolute Change
  • Lowest Trailing PE
  • Highest Trailing PE

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Use the Historical Watch tool to observe visually the stock price performance of every counter in your portfolio.

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Sector Allocation

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Have you wondered which are the sectors in play in the Top Active stocks or how much money you have vested in various sectors in your portfolio? Now you can easily find out the answer by clicking on the "Sector Allocation" link in Prices, or "Allocation" in Portfolio. When mouse over, it will show you a further breakdown on the composition of the different companies in that sector.

Weekly Movers

Prices – Weekly Movers

Instead of just looking at the Top Active and Top Gainers stocks for the day, Weekly Movers shows you the best and worst performing stock over the past 1 week. The list may surprise you.