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Prices - Market Depth

Market Depth shows the complete market depth of both buy and sell queue.

It is useful to track the movement of both the buy and sell queue at different queue levels in the Market Depth to estimate where the daily support and resistance level of the stock is. A price level that has the most volume in the buy queue would indicate a support level. This indicates there are buyers waiting for the share price to drop to a particular level before buying.

The first level of the Market Depth shows the volume both on the buy and sell queue waiting to be transacted. When there is a transaction or when a queue is withdrawn, the volume on that price level will change to reflect the remaining volume queued.

Unique features of Market Depth

  • Data is real-time streaming.
  • Prices are colour coded with reference to previous close price.
  • Buy/sell volume bars are provided to give another perspective to visualise the market depth trend.
  • A percentage comparison to the buy volume to sell volume and difference in volume are provided.
  • A summation of the total buy/sell volume and the queue's volume weighted average price are provided.
  • Current day change, high price and low price are provided

Track Latest Lots Change in Market Depth

We have improved the Market Depth to show the latest queue changes. This allows you to identify huge volume removal and addition at any queue level at a glance.

Market Depth - Latest Queue Change