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ShareInvestor Newswires comprises financial news from these sources:

  1. ShareInvestor Express
  2. Business Times Breaking News
  3. SGX Announcement.

Newswires are useful to track news flow that will affect the price movement of the stock market. Positive news will usually push share prices higher and the reverse is true.

Newswire Aggregation

We aggregate all the different newswires into an All-In-One news source. This allows you to view the latest news across the different newswires at once, instead of going into their individual news channels.

Glance through all the news quickly, ala Facebook style

When you click on the "+" sign beside each of the news, you can quickly read the news body, without leaving the news page. This allows you to read multiple news at once with the need to reload or refresh the web page.

Get an in-depth look into each news article

Newswire – News Article

If you follow the news link instead of clicking on the "+" sign to expand the news, you will get an in-depth look at the news article. Our news engine will retrieve the related stock price and stock chart into the same page. We will also get intelligently get related news articles for you.