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Dow Jones Market Talk

Dow Jones Market Talk

Dow Jones Market Talk is a running commentary published during market hours, providing fast updates with perspective. Dow Jones Market Talk highlights items that might be missed at first glance and gives a "spin" that can help anticipate major market moves. You will get quick insight with an informed attitude on floor talk, major deals, economic releases, analyst ratings and stocks on the move.

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The subscription to Dow Jones Market Talk includes the following:

  1. Commentary and Analysis of:
    • all stocks and indices in Singapore
    • benchmark index component stocks
    • mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring
    • news issues, ratings and derivatives
  2. Macroeconomic and Political News:
    • Coverage of major events like the G7 and IMF
    • Extensive coverage of Central Bank officials
    • Economic indicators, trends and policy changes
    • Political events
    • Government regulations