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Frames Description - Channel Navigator

The Channel Navigator allows you to navigate through the different categories of stocks, warrants, indices and watchlists.

In the Channel Navigator, you can select the Stocks based on:

  1. Top Counters
  2. Top Stocks
  3. Top Warrants
  4. Categories
  5. TA Market Scanner
  6. FA Market Scanner
  7. IPO
  8. Corporate Actions
  9. Numerically
  10. Alphabetically

In the Channel Navigator, you can also open the following channel:

  1. World Indices
  2. Alerts
  3. Watchlist

End-of-Day (EOD) Markets

6 new EOD markets are now available in Station. This covers 3 US markets (NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX), Hong Kong Exchange, Stock Exchange of Thailand and Indonesia Stock Exchange.

End-of_day Markets List End-of_day Markets Selection