Market Screener (FA & TA)


The ShareInvestor Market Screener is a powerful stock screening utility to complement and complete the suite of market data tools and financial applications that come with your basic ShareInvestor membership plans. It allows the user to find real time investment and trading opportunities that fit the chosen criteria that are grouped under 3 sets of conditions. The conditions are broadly categorized as:

  1. Fundamental Analysis Conditions;
  2. Technical Analysis Conditions; and
  3. Consensus Estimates Conditions; and
  4. Price and Other Conditions.

Please refer to the following figures for details of the screening conditions.

Fundamental Analysis Conditions

Screener - Market Screener (TA & FA)

Technical Analysis Conditions

Screener - Market Screener (TA & FA)

Consensus Estimates Conditions

Screener - Market Screener (TA & FA)

Price and Other Conditions

Screener - Market Screener (TA & FA)

This vast selection of criteria blended by AND and OR operators offers our users with a unique and powerful screening tool to scan for opportunities in bullish or bearish market conditions with the exact setup that any investor or trader is looking for. When combined with the existing features like building watchlists, researching companies’ background, ongoing monitoring of operating performance, analyzing operating and stock performance with ratio analysis and charting, etc., users will be fully equipped to plan and capitalize on identified opportunities.

Unique Features

Screening Possibilities

A Step-by-step Guide


Users are reminded that the Market Screener is not a trading system. The screen results are not to be taken as advice to buy or sell the identified stocks. Each user should go through with his usual self-analysis of his risk appetite and perform additional stock research and analysis before making any investment or trading decisions. There is a wide scope for learning and sharing each set of screen result using the tool provided. The progression to become an expert user using this tool is limited only by his capacity to learn and profit from his live experience using ShareInvestor to invest and trade.