Quote Movements

Prices – Quote Movements

Quote Movements is an extension of the Time & Sales. On top of showing all the transactions, it also captures the changes in the first level buy and sell queue.

Quote Movements is useful for identifying substantial blocks of transaction done, possibly indicating whether institutional interest is involved. You can also observe movement within the first level buy/sell queue for orders that are not transacted. This helps to plan your point of entry into a stock.

For example, through the Quote Movements, you may observe the repeated addition of buy orders and continuous trading done at the sell queue in large volume signalling substantial interest in buying up the stock.

The Quote Movements is sorted in chronological order and the latest changes appears first. An entry with a "+" sign indicates volume is added at the price point stated and a "-" sign indicates volume is removed or a trade is done at the price point stated.

Some unique features of Quote Movements:

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