ShareInvestor's Portfolio tracking system features the following unique features, allowing you to be kept up to date with all the latest happenings pertaining to your stocks.

Portfolio Manager

Our portfolio system allows you to store up to 10 portfolios of 50 counters each. (20 portfolios of up to 80 counters if you are a ShareInvestor Station user).

The portfolio system is integrated with live streaming prices (delayed for 10 minutes for ShareInvestor Fundamental users). The latest stock prices are pushed directly to you, without the need to refresh the page.

Transaction Manager

Portfolio - Transaction Manager

Keep track of all your transaction with the transaction manager. This is especially useful if you trade through multiple brokers and wishes to have a single place to record all your transactions and gives you your profit and loss.

Other than Buy and Sell transaction, the system is also allows you to track Bonus Issue, Divided, Share Split and Share Consolidation.

Information Aggregation

Portfolio – Information Aggregation

The portfolio system will intelligently aggregate related information (news, insider trades, corporate events, forum postings) from our database for your portfolio. This allows you to be kept up to date on all the latest happenings for the stocks in your portfolio easily.

Portfolio Tools


Portfolio – Portfolio Allocation

The portfolio Allocation chart allows you to track the percentage makeup of the different shares in your portfolio.

Historical Watch

Prices – History Watch

Use the Historical Watch tool to observe visually the stock price performance of every counter in your portfolio.

Volume Distribution

Prices – Volume Distribution

The Volume Distribution tool shows you the buying/selling pressure from the transactions made every day. Learn more about our unique Volume Distribution Charts.

Consensus Estimates

Portfolio – Consensus Estimates in your Portfolio

Find out the Consensus Estimates of all your stocks in your portfolio at a glance. This is a very useful tool when re-balancing your portfolio. You may want to trim your holdings in stocks which have a huge downside while buying more of the stocks which have a good upside.


To ensure that the portfolio profit and loss is calculated accurately, our portfolio manager also takes into account exchange rates. The exchange rates are pulled automatically from our system or it can be specified manually by you.