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Internet Explorer 9 Pinned Site (For Windows 7 users only) now supports Pinned Sites for users of Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7.

As a Pinned Site, will have the following additional functionality

  • Access different sections within directly from the task bar.
    Pinned Site - Access different sections within
  • Price and News Alerts within will trigger the taskbar icon to flash and display an alert within the taskbar.
    Pinned Site - Price and News Alerts

Follow the following instructions to add as a Pinned Site.

Method 1. Tear off the ShareInvestor tab from within Internet Explorer 9 directly to pin the ShareInvestor website onto the Windows 7 taskbar.
Pinned Site - Tear off the ShareInvestor tab to pin site

Method 2. Add into your Start Menu. In Internet Explorer 9, go to Tools -> File and click on "Add site to Start menu". will then be listed in the All Programs folder of the Start menu.
Pinned Site - Add into your Start Menu