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Ownership Data

We have added ownership data for all companies. This comprises of the Top 20 Shareholders of each company.

Top 20 Shareholders

Compared to the data from Annual Reports, we have many advantages as follows

  ShareInvestor Annual Report
Update Frequency Regularly when information is released by funds and companies Once a year
Depth of Coverage We do our best to go behind the nominees to see the ultimate shareholder Mostly nominees

In addition, we cross reference all our shareholders to show you all the other companies that are also under their portfolio. This allows you to see what other companies they are vested in.

Ownership by Shareholders

Peer Comparison

Ever wondered who are the other peers of this company? Now you can compared each company with its peers easily in the Significant Shareholders section. We not only show you the local peers, but the other global peers as well.

Peer Comparison

These peers are sorted by market capitalisation.

Shareholder Search

Do you have any specific shareholder you are looking for? Now you can do a search of our shareholder database from within the Significant Shareholders section

Shareholder Search