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Fundamental – Financials

Financials shows the Profit & Loss (Income statement), Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements.

  • Profit & Loss statement helps the investor to determine the profitability track record of the stock. A trend can be established by looking at past statements and comparing it to the current Profit & Loss.
  • Balance Sheet shows the financial strength of the company. A strong Balance Sheet would show little debt and increasing reserves over the years.
  • Cash Flow statement shows whether the company is generating cash from its core business. A company that generates little or no cash flow from operation with increasing profit might face cash flow problems in the near future.

Dynamic financial charting

Dynamic financial charts are available for the Profit & Loss, Cashflow and Financial Ratios. You can toggle on/off the different bars in the chart. This allows you to easily spot trends and identify danger spots in the financials of each company.

All reported financials available

ShareInvestor makes available all reported financials, include the Full Year, Half Year and Quarterly Financials on all companies.

Key Financial Ratios helps you to understand the strengths and weakness of a company

Financial ratios are used as indicators that allow you to look into areas like solvency, liquidity, operational efficiency and profitability. They are typically used in two main fashions: comparing the ratios of the company over time, and against other companies in the same sector or industry.