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Consensus Estimates

Fundamental – Consensus Estimates

The Consensus Estimates allows investors to research and gain valuable insights on their counters of interest before making their trading decisions. Find out the consensus recommendation and target price from research analysts before you take action.

  • Consensus Estimates aggregates recommendations, target price and forward estimates from local and overseas research houses.
  • We track over 200 different research houses worldwide in our Estimates database.
  • Overseas listed companies covered by research houses are present in our Consensus Estimates.
  • Get the full picture with more than 30 financial data points (forward consensus estimates) for each company.
  • Only the most recent estimates taken from each contributor for the past 100 days are taken in, ensuring you have the most up to date information available.
  • Our collection methodology ensures that all estimates are provided on the same accounting basis.
  • Estimates revisions are collected in real-time and updated once on a daily basis in ShareInvestor.
  • Discover investment ideas by scanning through companies with the most potential upside or the strongest buy calls.
  • Conduct research by referring to our 2 years of historical recommendations.

Forward Estimates

Fundamental – Forward Estimates

We also provide detailed forward estimates of the financial results for the next 3 years. This includes important items such as:

  • Revenue
  • Gross Profit
  • Net Earnings
  • Net Debt
  • Free Cash Flow
  • Price Earnings Ratio (PER)
  • Net Asset Value (NAV)
  • Dividend Yield
  • Price Earnings Growth (PEG)

Consensus Estimates in your Portfolio

Portfolio – Consensus Estimates in your Portfolio

Find out the consensus estimates of all your stocks in your portfolio at a glance. This is a very useful tool when re-balancing your portfolio. You may want to trim your holdings in stocks which have a huge downside while buying more of the stocks which have a good upside.