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Dynamic TA Charts

Highly Customisable Indicators

Dynamic TA Chart has more than 100 different indicators, including recently popular indicators like ATR (Average True Range), GMMA (Guppy Multiple Moving Average) and Ichimoku Kinki Hyo. In additional, all our indicators are highly customisable. Not only can you change the parameters to the indicators, you can also change the way the indicator is plotted. This includes options like horizontal shift, line colour and line weight.

List of Indicators Supported

Group Formula Full Name Formula Code
Native Exponential Moving Average EMA
Double Exponential Moving Average DEMA
Hull Moving Average HMA
Simple Moving Average MA
Open Interest OpenInterest
Previous Close PreviousClose
Volume VOL
Volume On Price VOP
Weighted Moving Average WMA
Wilder Moving Average WilderMA
Trend Indicators Advance Decline of Price AdvanceDecline
Aroon Aroon
Balance of Maket Power BMP
Choppiness Index Choppiness
Daily Moving Average DailyMA
Directional Divergence Index DDI
Guppy Multiple Moving Average GMMA
Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Ichimoku
Moving Average Convergence Divergence MACD
Parabolic Stop and Reversal SAR
Pivot Lines Pivot
Price Action Indicator PAIN
Trendscore Trendscore
Triple-Smoothed Moving Average TRIX
Variable Index Dynamic Average VIDYA
Vertical Horizontal Filter VHF
Volume Moving Average Convergence Divergence VMACD
Zig Zag ZIG
Momentum Indicators Bias BIAS
Bias Convergence Divergence DBCD
Commodity Channel Index CCI
Coppock Curve Coppock
Detrended Price Oscillator DPO
Ease of Movement EOM
Fast Stochastic FastSO
Momentum MTM
Money Flow Index MFI
Price Rate-Of-Change ROC
QStick QStick
Relative MomentumIndex RMI
Relative Strength Index RSI
Slow Stochastic SlowSO
Stochastic Oscillator SO
Stochastic Relative Strength Index StochRSI
Swing Index SI
Volume Rate-Of-Change VROC
Volume Relative Strength Index VRSI
Williams %R WR
Volatility Indicators Average True Range ATR
Chaikin Volatility CKV
DeMarker DeMarker
DeMarker Range Expansion Index TDREI
Historic Volatility HV
Mass Index MASS
Psychological Line PSY
R-Squared RSquared
Standard Deviation STD
Volatility Ratio VR
Price Volume Indicators Accumulation Swing Index ASI
Demand Index Demand
Force Index Force
Market Facilitation Index BWMFI
Negative Volume Index NVI
On Balance Volume OBV
Positive Volume Index PVI
Price and Volume Trend PVT
Standard On Balance Volume SOBV
William's Variable Accumulation Distribution WVAD
Bands Indicators Average True Range Bands ATRBands
Bollinger Bands BBand
Bollinger Band Width BBWidth
Bullish-Bear Bollinger BBIBOLL
Donchian Channels DonchianChannel
Ehlers Filters EF
Envelopes / Trading Bands ENV
Keltner Channel Keltner
Standard Deviation Bands STDBands
Stoller Average Range STARC
Volume Indicators Chaikin Volume Accumulation CVA
Daily Volume Indicator DVI
N day's Maximum Volume MaxV
Percentage Volume Oscillator PVO
Volume Oscillator VOSC
Volume Weighted Average Price VWAP
Oscillator Indicators Accumulation / Distribution AD
Aroon Oscillator AroonOsc
Body Momentum BM
Chaikin Money Flow CMF
Chaikin Oscillator CKO
Chande Momentum Oscillator CMO
Elder Ray Oscillator ElderRay
Momentum Indicator Convergence Divergence MICD
Percentage Price Oscillator PPO
Price Oscillator POSC
Rate of Change Convergence Divergence RCCD
Relative Vigor Index RVI
Stochastic Momentum Index SMI
Ultimate Oscillator ULT
Custom Bias3-Bias6 and Bias6-Bias12 B3612
Bullish-Bearish Indicator BBI
Change Change