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Dynamic TA Charts

Enhanced Drawing Tools

We have more than 35 different drawing tools for you to choose from. If Fibonacci Retracement is not enough for you, you can also do Fibonacci Projection, Fibonacci Circle or Fibonacci Fan. We also provide some of the more advanced drawing tools like Linear Regression, Gann Fan and even Gann Grid.

Drawing Objects Supported

  • Stop Drawing Stop Drawing
  • Arrow Line Arrow Line
  • Line Segment Line Segment
  • Line Line
  • Parallel Line Parallel Line
  • Parallel Line Segment Parallel Line Segment
  • Horizontal Line Horizontal Line
  • Vertical Line Vertical Line
  • Price Zone Price Zone
  • Fibonacci Retracement Fibonacci Retracement
  • Fibonacci Projection Fibonacci Projection
  • Fibonacci Fan Fibonacci Fan
  • Fibonacci Circle Fibonacci Circle
  • Fibonacci Time Zone Fibonacci Time Zone
  • Fibonacci Time Extension Fibonacci Time Extension
  • Fibonacci Time Projection Fibonacci Time Projection
  • Linear Regression Linear Regression
  • Standard Deviation Channel Standard Deviation Channel
  • Standard Error Channel Standard Error Channel
  • Gann Fan Gann Fan
  • Gann Grid Gann Grid
  • Andrew's Pitchfork Andrew's Pitchfork
  • Empty Rectangle Empty Rectangle
  • Solid Rectangle Solid Rectangle
  • Empty Oval Empty Oval
  • Solid Oval Solid Oval
  • Empty Ellipse Empty Ellipse
  • Solid EllipseSolid Ellipse
  • Empty Triangle Empty Triangle
  • Solid Triangle Solid Triangle
  • Arc Arc
  • Text Text
  • Data Label Data Label
  • Area Statistic Area Statistic
  • Line Statistic Line Statistic
  • Up Arrow Up Arrow
  • Down Arrow Down Arrow
  • Midas Midas
  • Erase Erase
  • Erase All Erase All
  • Undo Undo
  • Redo Redo

Snapping Drawing Objects using SHIFT key

During drawing mode, user can press the SHIFT key to snap the cursor to any data point of the chart. A magnet cursor will be seen when the cursor is near to a data point. This represents the point to which the drawing object will snap to.

Snapping Drawing Objects using SHIFT key

Copying Drawing Objects using CTRL key

To duplicate or copy a drawing object, users needs to press the CTRL key. Once the cursor is near/at the drawing object, the cursor will change to copy mode. Left-click on the drawing object and drag out the copied object.

Copying Drawing Objects using CTRL key