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C2 Chart

This user guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough of C2 Chart’s platform features.

Recommended: Open C2 Chart in another window and try out the features to follow along.

Watch C2 Chart tutorial video.


  • How to navigate through the different sections of C2 Chart
  • How to personalize and set-up your charts with C2 Chart
  • How to change time frames and save your chart layouts
  • How to create and share your drawing with others
  • How to compare your selected stock with other stocks/indices

Overview of C2 Chart

With a wide array of customization options available to users, C2 Chart is designed to provide an intuitive and user-friendly experience for traders.

Charts - C² Chart

Above picture shows the whole layout of C2 Chart. The numbers in the respective areas point to:

  1. Main Chart Area
  2. Top Left Toolbar
  3. Top Right Toolbar
  4. Left Sidebar (Drawing Tool)
  5. Bottom Toolbar

These 5 sections are covered below in more details.

#1 Main Chart Area

Charts - C² Chart - Chart Area

The main chart area is where your stock price chart would be reflected. Here are key pointers from the above chart.

  1. Company Name + Share Price (movement depicted by Up or Down arrows; how much ‘cents’ or ‘%’) - Eg. Singtel is last trading at $3.22 (down 0.06 or 1.83% from yesterday closing price)
  2. Information of the stock price
    1. ‘O’ stands for opening price
    2. ‘H’ stands for the highest price
    3. ‘L’ stands for the lowest price
    4. ‘C’ stands for closing/current price
    5. ‘CHG’ stands for the change compared to the previous period (be it 1 day or 1 hour)
    6. ‘%CHG’ stands for the percentage change compared to the previous period
    7. ‘VOL’ stands for volume of the particular period
  3. Zooming buttons
    1. “-“ is to zoom out
    2. “+” is to zoom in
    3. “[ ]” is to maximize your chart to full screen
  4. Description of Study Indicator
    1. It will expand as more studies are added. Popular ones include RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands etc.
  5. Date – shows the exact date of the period./li>

#2 Top Left Toolbar

The top left toolbar allows you to search and compare stocks as well as get more information regarding the stocks.

Charts - C² Chart - Top Left Toolbar

#3 Top Right Toolbar

Customize your own chart display using 5 different features in the top right toolbar.

Charts - C² Chart - Top Right Toolbar

#4 Left Sidebar (Drawing Tool)

Activate the left sidebar by selecting the drawing icon Charts - C² Chart - Drawing Icon in the top left toolbar.

#5 Bottom Toolbar

Charts - C² Chart - Bottom Toolbar

The bottom left toolbar is split into 2 parts.

The C2 Chart logo is displayed on the left for brand recall.

On the right, you can choose between the different timeframes from 1 day to “All” – maximum period.

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