Dynamic Data Exchange

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is a feature that enables real-time automatic update of stock information from the ShareInvestor Station to any DDE enabled applications, e.g. Excel spreadsheet.

Setting up DDE links from ShareInvestor Station

Step 1. Go to File, select Export DDE. Choose either "Active Channel…" or "Whole Market…".

Step 2. Fill in the details in the pop-up window and click Export.

Dynamic Data Exchange

Setting up DDE links from Excel Spreadsheet

Type in the formula using the format below:

=SIDE|<Market Code>!'<Stock Code>;<Field Name>'
E.g.: =SIDE|SI!'T39.si;shortname' => SPH

Market and Field Name supported

Dynamic Data Exchange - Market Name Supported
Market Code (IN CAPS) Market
SI Singapore Exchange
MY Bursa Malaysia
WLD_INDX World Indices
Dynamic Data Exchange - Field Name Supported
Field Name Explanation
code Counter's code
shortname Counter's short name
fullname Counter's full name
type Counter's type (stocks, warrants, indices, etc.)
status Counter's remarks (H, BI, CD, XD, etc.)
currency Counter's traded currency (S$, US$, etc.)
last Last Done Price
open Open Price
high High Price of the trading day
low Low Price of the trading day
prevclose Close Price of the previous trading day
bid Buy Price
ask Ask Price
bidsize Buy Volume
asksize Ask Volume
change Change in Price (Last Done Price - Yesterday Close Price)
pctchange Percentage Change in Price
turnover Traded value (traded price x traded volume)
volume Cumulative Traded volume
updatedtime Last Traded Time
presessionprice Pre-Session Price
presessionvolume Pre-Session Volume
lastdonevolume Last Volume Done