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  • STI Straits Times Index
    -12.6 (-0.38%)
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    1.8 (0.11%)
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  • HSI Hang Seng Index
    42.7 (0.15%)
    Index delayed 15 minutes
  • SSE SSE Composite Index
    14.0 (0.49%)
    Index delayed 15 minutes
  • N225 Nikkei 225
    -176.2 (-0.78%)
    Index delayed 20 minutes
  • JCI Jakarta Composite Index
    -0.5 (-0.01%)
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    19.4 (0.83%)
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    -10.8 (-0.17%)

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  • Volume: 1,140.0M
  • Value: 1,129.0M
  • Rise: 181
  • Fall: 156
  • Unch: 559

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Moya Asia R0.002+0.001
HPH Trust USD0.285-
Jiutian Chemical0.044+0.004
YZJ Shipbldg SGD0.955+0.010
Nico Steel^0.002-
Thomson Medical0.083+0.007

World Indices

World Indices
Name Last Change
Nasdaq 7,692.8 -20.1
HSI 29,338.7 +42.6
HSCEI 11,339.9 -24.8
Jakarta 5,821.8 -0.5
Nikkei 225 22,516.8 -176.2
SSE Comp 2,889.8 +13.9
Shanghai A 3,026.6 +14.5
Shanghai B 289.6 +3.9
ShenZhen A 1,670.2 +20.0
ShenZhen B 1,064.5 +4.5
Taiwan W 10,899.3 -41.8
PSE Comp 0.0
KOSPI 2,357.2 +19.4

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Quotes 10 Minutes Delayed. No Trades for The Day
Last (SGD): 1.850 Change: - High: - Remarks: DL
Remarks legend:
SuspSuspendedIMMImmediate Delivery
PLPending ListingPAPending Announcement
DLDelistedCTConditional Trading
CWConditional When IssueWIWhen Issue
BIBuyIn OnlyJAdjust
HTrading HaltCDCum Dividend
XDEx DividendCBCum Bonus
XBEx BonusCRCum Rights
XREx RightsCOCum Offer
XOEx OfferCECum Entitlement
XEEx EntitlementCICum Interest
XIEx InterestCACum All
XAEx AllSCScripless Conversion
CIRBCircuit Breaker TriggeredCIRHHalt due to Circuit Breaker Triggered
Change (%): - Low: -
Open - Yesterday's Close 1.850
Buy Price - Sell Price -
Buy Volume ('000) - Sell Volume ('000) -
Cumulative Volume ('000) - Cumulative Value -
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Key Statistics

EPS (SGD) a 0.21766 Trailing EPS (SGD) e - NAV (SGD) b 0.6916
PE a 8.499 Trailing PE f - Price / NAV b 2.6750
Dividend (SGD) d 0.130644 Cash In Hand (SGD) g 0.1431 Issued & Paid-up Shares c 1,137,052,000
Dividend Yield (%) d 7.062 Price / Cash In Hand g 12.928 Treasury Shares h -
Beta - 75 Daysi - R-Squared - 75 Days(%)i - Market Cap (M) 2,103.546
Beta - 500 Daysi - R-Squared - 500 Days (%)i - Par Value ( SGD ) n.a.
Piotroski F Score - Exchange Code AJ1
Under CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) No
Category Classification Commodities / Indonesia
  1. Based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.
  2. Based on latest results announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim), adjusted for carrying value of "Other Share Capital", illustrative financial effects of corporate actions (if applicable) and the current number of shares.
  3. Rounded to the nearest thousand. Updated on 13 Feb 2013.Please click here for more information.
  4. Dividend is based on latest Full Year results announcement, adjusted for current number of shares and excludes special dividend.
  5. Summation of the earnings from the latest 4 Quarter (or 2 Half Year) results announcement, adjusted for the current number of shares.
  6. Based on Trailing EPS.
  7. Based on reported cash and cash equivalents at end and extracted from the latest results announcement (Full Year, Half Year or Interim), adjusted for the current number of shares.
  8. Rounded to the nearest thousand.
  9. Beta and R-Squared are calculated in relation to the market index (STI or KLCI) using the historical daily closing values of the stock and index as data points.

Category Comparison

Type Category PE a Trailing PE a Price / NAV b Dividend Yield (%)c
Company Category Company Category Company Category Company Category
Industry Commodities 8.499
15.443 -
55.625 2.6750
1.0057 7.062
Indonesia 14.049 16.129 1.0466 3.358
  1. Category PE is calculated using (Total Market Cap/Total Earnings) of all companies in the industry/index.
  2. Category Price/NAV is calculated using (Total Market Cap/Total Shareholders' Equity) of all companies in the industry/index.
  3. Category Dividend Yield is calculated using (Total Gross Dividend/Total Market Cap) of all companies in the industry/index.
  4. For category calculation, data for foreign currency denominated companies will be converted to the main market currency using the latest exchange rate.
  5. Category data is updated twice daily.
  6. Blue mini bar represents the company and the green mini bars represents the various categories. Click for more information.

Total Shareholder Return

PeriodDividend ReceivedCapital AppreciationTotal Shareholder Return
Short Term Return 5 Days ---
10 Days ---
20 Days ---
Medium Term Return 3 Months ---
6 Months --0.020
-1.07 %
1 Year --0.560
-23.24 %
Long Term Return 2 Years --0.630
-25.40 %
3 Years --0.330
-15.14 %
5 Years --1.460
-44.11 %
Annualised Return Annualised --
-10.98 %
  1. Total Shareholder Return (TSR) combines share price appreciation and dividends paid to show the total return to the shareholder expressed as a percentage.
  2. Script dividends are ignored in this calculation.

Price Movements

1 Year Range 1.160 - 1.905 Change From 1 Year Low +0.690 % Change From 1 Year Low (%) +59.48
Change From 1 Year High -0.055 % Change From 1 Year High (%) -2.89
2 Years Range - - - Change From 2 Years Low - % Change From 2 Years Low (%) -
Change From 2 Years High - % Change From 2 Years High (%) -
5 Years Range - - - Change From 5 Years Low - % Change From 5 Years Low (%) -
Change From 5 Years High - % Change From 5 Years High (%) -
  1. Price movements are based on adjusted historical data.

Company Background

Straits Asia Resources Limited is a unique Singapore listed company, being the only company on the SGX whose business relates only to mining thermal coal. The Company owns 2 coal mines in Kalimantan, Indonesia: the Sebuku Mine on the remote Sebuku Island in South-East Kalimantan and Jembayan Mine in East Kalimantan. Sebuku Mine began production in 1997 under a Generation 2 Coal Contract with the Indonesian government and is known for the SebukuTM brand of coal, a high-value bituminous coal that is recognized internationally for its consistent quality, single burn characteristics, high ash fusion temperature and Straits Asia�s excellent delivery record. Jembayan Mine was purchased by Straits Asia in December 1997 for US$350 million, since which time the mine has doubled its annualised rate of production. Jembayan produces the Prangat and Jembayan brands of sub-bituminous coal.SebukuTM coal is sold mainly to major Japanese power utilities whilst Jembayan�s two brands, are exported to power utilities in other Asian countries.In early 2009, PTT Group from Thailand (the major energy company) acquired control of a 46% shareholding in Straits Asia and becoming, through PTT Asia Pacific Mining Pty Ltd, Straits Asia�s holding company. This was a watershed investment by PTT, its first venture into the coal sector.Developing from the strong foundations of its Indonesian mines and with the solid backing of its shareholder base, Straits Asia aims to grow into a leading thermal coal producer in the Asia Pacific region.

With effect from 19 August 2011, the Company has changed its name from "Straits Asia Resources Limited" to "Sakari Resources Limited".

IPO Performance

Listing Date 03 Nov 2006 Full Subscription Rate (x) 1.18
No of Placement Shares (M) 306.00 No of Public Offer Shares (M) 14.00 Public Offer Subscription Rate (x) 5.10
IPO Price (SGD) 0.600 First Day Close (SGD) 0.630 First Week Close (SGD) 0.620
Current vs IPO Price (%) +208.33 First Day Gain (%) +5.00 First Week Gain (%) +3.33

Reports Download

Report Type Financial Year Ended Download
Annual Report
Annual Report 2011 Dec 2011 Part 1(1.70 MB)
Annual Report 2010 Dec 2010 Part 1(8.12 MB)
Part 2(0.20 MB)
Annual Report 2009 Dec 2009 Part 1(3.08 MB)
Annual Report 2008 Dec 2008 Part 1(1.91 MB)
Part 2(0.66 MB)
Annual Report 2007 Dec 2007 Part 1(2.30 MB)
Part 2(0.19 MB)
Annual Report 2006 Dec 2006 Part 1(1.76 MB)

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